Tips & Tricks

Candle Fix-It Tips

Burning candles can be hard. It might not seem like it, but these little beauties can be tough to get juuuuuust righ...

The Women of Library

Our Library collection is one of our oldest collections and is loved by so many Paddywax fans both new and old. This...

The Essential Oil Run-down

What have you heard about essential oils? That they come from plants? That they have magical healing properties? That...

How to: Repurpose your candle vessel!

One of life’s biggest let downs is that a candle has to come to an end. No matter how big it is, no matter how quickl...

Staff Favorites: fragrances + collections!

We've got a lot of candles, a lot of fragrances, and a lot of design styles to sort through. We understand if it can ...

Understanding Fragrance 101

Are you indecisive? Have you ever purchased multiple candles because you couldn’t decide on just one? Do you get co...
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