Kaleidoscope Candle - Lavender + Cassis
Kaleidoscope Candle
Lavender + Cassis -
A playful collection of tiny 3 oz. gold tins wrapped in geometric patterns with gold foil accents come together to create the cutest mix! With eye-catching colors and memorable fragrances, these metallic candles bring some extra pizzaz to your home decor.

Cyclamen Petals
Eucalyptus Leaves
Crushed Lavender


White Thyme
Blushed Peony
Wild Muget  


Soft Cassis
Vanilla Orchid
Tonka Bean

Other Scents:

Peonies + Jasmine   Lilac + Cardamom   Amber   Vanilla   tobacco   Olive Tree   salted   Lavender   Cranberry   Blue Coral   Balsam


Every candle starts with a story. A theme, a place, an idea, etc. Then that story is translated into a vessel. We design every aspect of our candles–from materials, to shapes, to graphics–here in Nashville, Tennessee.


We work with perfumers who source from nature's finest ingredients all over the world​ to carefully create a fragrance story that complements the color and style of each vessel design​.


After the vessel and fragrances are finalized, it's time to pour the candle! Every candle is hand poured at our Nashville factory, where the soy wax blend is combined with the fragrance & cotton wicks​.