Express yourself with the Mood Collection.  These vibe-inspired candle are designed to match what you're feeling.  Featuring mood inspired fragrance description, these candles are scented with a complex fragrance blend to evoke a specific state of being that honors our senses and celebrates our feelings. 
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Our Lives are Composed of Moments

We create candles thoughtfully designed to set the tone for memories made within your spaces. We start with a story and build around it to create collections that add warmth and nostalgia to your home. Our candles are designed and sourced intentionally, featuring a mix of materials, textures, shapes and unique fragrances to set the scene for beautiful memories made by candlelight.

Scent of the Month: Vanilla

Relax and unwind with our Vanilla based scents. Our vanilla scented candles and car fragrances feature a sweet, balanced blend of scent notes that bring a refreshing yet warm aroma to your home.

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Nashville Accessories Back in Stock!

Nashville Collection

Hats off to our roots! These vintage-inspired incense holder and match holder... 

Paddywax Online Exclusives

Hand-poured in Nashville, Tennessee, with a soy wax blend and a wide variety of fragrances, our Online Exclusives offer the beauty of simplicity to enhance any design aesthetic. 

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