Our lives are composed of moments.

Since 1996, PADDYWAX has created artisan candles that are designed to set the tone for beautiful memories made by candlelight. Every candle collection starts with a story, a theme, a place, an idea. That story is then translated into a vessel. We thoughtfully design every aspect of our candles – the materials, shape, color, and packaging, and how the vessel may be reused. For the finishing touch, we create a scent story to complement the design. Our library of fragrances has been diligently curated as we have worked with perfumers who have sourced nature’s finest ingredients from all over the world. Each candle is made complete with our soy wax blend and cotton wicks. No corner-cutting, no frills. Just a beautiful, aromatic, well-made candle. Every single time.

  • Thoughtfully Designed

    Paddywax vessels are known to be unique, on trend, gift-able, special... Something for everyone.

  • Intentionally Crafted

    Paddywax candles are intentionally crafted to be repurposed and to have a long-lasting second life in the home once the candle has burned.

  • Dedicated to Giving Back

    Paddywax supports a number of special causes including National Park FoundationTM, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®. We’re proud to collaborate with these amazing foundations.


We design our products with a second life in mind. We've also partnered with some great organizations to help give back.