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Back to Basics: Reusing and Repurposing Your Vessel

One of life’s biggest let downs is that a candle has to come to an end. No matter how big it is, no matter how quickly or slowly you burn through it... it just can’t last forever. 

Thankfully when the the wax runs out, the container can live on! Our vessels are designed with repurposing in mind to be eco-friendly and keep the memories of burning your favorite candle alive. Removing the wax and reusing the empty vessel is a great activity to do while you wait for your next candle to be delivered to you.

Here our quick four step guide on how to prepare your container to reuse:

1. Place the used candle in the freezer overnight.

2. Once frozen, lightly tap the vessel on a soft surface until the wax pops out. It's sometimes helpful to use a utensil to crack the wax and help it pop out in pieces.

3. Using a soft cloth, remove any remaining wax, wick, or glue dot. Then, give the vessel a good wash!

4. Let the candle live on by using the now empty vessel for another purpose!

Need some inspiration on how to repurpose? We got you! 


Paddywax La Playa Candle

La Playa is a food-safe collection making it the ultimate cocktail set-up for your next fiesta! With two different sizes, the 9 oz vessel is great for serving margaritas while the 14 oz vessel is perfect for serving chips and dip or serving limes to dress up your cocktails. Flip over the dust cover for the perfect margarita & guacamole recipes!

Paddywax Checkmate Candle 

Another favorite food-safe collection is Checkmate! These vessels make stylish mugs for your morning coffee or tea. 

Our other food-safe collections include Alpine, Kin, and Wabi Sabi. Whether you are having a dinner party or just treating yourself, Paddywax has a vessel for every style!


The Form collection was created with plant repurposing in mind! This collection of ceramic vessels is easy to turn into a planter after removing the wax. Just peel off the sticker on the bottom, flip the lip to the bottom to collection extra water, and add your favorite plant!

We also recommend the Parks collection and Hygge collection to reuse and repot your favorite plants into!

Form Reusability Paddywax Candles

Image Credit: @jlbayer


Paddywax Realm Candle

Image Credit: @m0llypeach

The Realm collection is filled with fun shapes and bright colored glass! These glass vessels make the perfect catch-all bowl for your knick-knacks and at-home essentials.

Paddywax Realm Candle

Use our larger Realm vessels for your extra matches, coasters, keys, or jewelry! This is a great way to bring some color into your space.  

Paddywax Realm Vessel

One of our favorite ways to reuse a Paddywax vessel is with fresh blooms! We think our Realm, Relish, Lolli, and Urban collections make the perfect home for a new bouquet. Pictured here is our 12 oz Realm Candle in Bamboo!

Paddywax Realm Diffuser

Image Credit: @m0llypeach

Our Realm, Flora, Apothecary, and Petite diffusers make for great bud vases! The Flora collection is meant to be repurposed as a self-watering bud planter after use.

Paddywax Beam Candle

Image Credit: @sagerefillmarket

The reusability options are endless for the Beam collection. This glass vessel features a fitted lid so you can store skin care, cream deodorant and more in these jars. Exclusive to our retailers partners, you can shop local for this collection with our store locator or support our neighbors at Nashville's Sage Refill Market!

Paddywax Persona Candle

Our vessels also make great holders for your q-tips, cotton pads, or toothbrushes! We love the Persona collection for q-tips and our Realm or Checkmate collections for toothbrushes & makeup brushes! 

Paddywax Blue and White Checkmate Candle

No matter what you decide to do with your candle after the wax runs out, we love to see your creativity shine through reusing our vessels! Be sure to share with us by posting on social media and tagging @paddywaxcandles, or submitting to our chat line! 

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