Brighten Up Your Space

Brighten Up Your Space

Candles are a versatile and timeless accessory that can breathe life into any space. From centerpieces and terrarium candle gardens to colorful clusters and candle vessel art, there are countless creative ways to brighten up your home with candles. Let your imagination run wild and experiment with different candle styles, arrangements, and colors to infuse your living spaces with a touch of magic, charm, and a warm, inviting glow that will surely captivate all who enter. Mix and match scents to create your perfect space!

Your Next Colorful Candle Cluster

Step away from the traditional white or clear candle vessels and explore vibrant and colorful options. Group candles of different hues and sizes together on a tray or a decorative plate to create a striking and eclectic centerpiece. Experiment with complementary or contrasting colors to suit your style.

Let's Make Some Art

Get creative and turn candles into a form of art by arranging them in a pattern or shape on a bookcase, end table, or countertop.  Create a heart-shaped display or spread out our library candles for a book-inspired space.  This approach to your new decor will undoubtedly be a conversation starter.

Mason Jars Are In!

Made to upcycle after the wax runs out, our mason jars vessels hold charm inside your space. Decorate with the mason jar vessels by grabbing all the colors.   They make a wonderful addition on shelves, mantels, or bathroom counters.

Create a Candle Like Terrarium

Create a lush and cozy atmosphere with a candle terrarium. Place candles of varying sizes on a heat-resistant surface and place your plants, moss, and pebbles all around. The combination of living greenery and flickering candles adds a soothing and natural touch to any room.

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