5 Petite Reed Diffusers and packaging on display

Flameless Fragrance: Our Favorite Reed Diffusers and Fragrance Oils

Thanks to summer heat waves, the last thing you may be thinking about is cozying up and lighting a candle... Unless you are wishing for cooler times to come!

Summer is a great time to explore flameless fragrance options in your home. With a reed diffuser, you have the freedom to leave the room without losing fragrant scents unlike traditional scented candles that need to be monitored. 

Aromatic diffusers and other fragrance oil dispensers are great gift options for soon-to-be college students that aren't allowed to have open flames in their dorms or apartments. With slow releasing diffuser reeds, it's easy to set up the diffuser in your space and flip the reeds when you need a scent refresh. 

Explore Paddywax's selection of scent diffusers that not only provide your space with refreshing fragrances but also complement your home décor display. All our vessels are made with repurposing in mind. Once you run out of oil, simply wash out your cute diffuser and reuse it as a pencil holder, bulb planter, or as a shelf decoration. The possibilities are endless! 

Santorini Diffuser - Rosemary Sea Salt

Santorini 4 fl oz. Diffuser - Rosemary Sea Salt - Blue diffuser with wooden reeds and blue packaging tube
Straight from the island in the Aegean Sea, the Santorini Reed Diffuser Collection brings fresh summer scents to your space no matter what time of year it is. These ceramic diffuser vessels include 4 fl. oz. of fragrance oil that can be easily poured into the vessel and then dispensed by inserting the reed diffusers.
The Rosemary Sea Salt fragrance is perfect for communal spaces with its fresh citrus and sea salt top notes alongside the long-lasting cedar base notes. This Santorini-inspired scent is sure to brighten up your space for weeks to come - simply flip the reeds to refresh the scent when you need an extra boost.
After enjoying the scented oil diffuser, this unique vessel can be repurposed as a stylish storage vase or simply sit on your bookshelf alongside your travel guides and cookbooks. 

Flora Diffuser

Colorful glass oil diffusers with reed sticks and showcasing reusability with seeds and plants growing out of some of the glass vessels

When it comes to the Flora Diffusers, we just can't pick a favorite scent. This collection screams summer with fresh and sweet scents like Sea Salt, Willow, Wild Neroli, Fig + Olive, and Bamboo

These unique glass oil diffusers are made with a second life in mind - use these colorful vessels to plant a bulb and see the roots grow. This elegant glass diffuser is sure to bring the freshness of the garden indoors. 

Packaged in a beautifully illustrated box, this reed diffuser makes a great gift for the plant lover in your life. Check out the time lapse below of one of our green thumb projects from the office to stay inspired with the Flora Diffuser Collection. 

Video which shows a plant growing out of the glass diffuser vessel, which has been repurposed as a planter

Apothecary Diffuser - Amber + Smoke

3 oz brown glass apothecary bottle filled with diffuser sticks; pictured next to the black packaging

You can't go wrong with a classic... and in our book, there is nothing more classic than Apothecary Diffusers. Filled with our signature scents, this glass diffuser is a staple in small spaces like bathrooms, closets, and guest rooms where you want fragrance without a flame. 

Amber + Smoke is a timeless scent that showcases top notes of balsam and amber; middle notes of cinnamon, patchouli, and clove; and base notes of vanilla, sandalwood, and smoke. 

With stylish black diffuser reeds and vintage amber glass, this oil diffuser brings a subtle touch of style to your fragrance display. Simply flip the reeds to refresh the scent and continue enjoying this flameless fragrance in your home. 

Realm Diffuser

Realm glass candles and diffuser - purple diffuser with reeds, yellow tall candle, green bowl candle, and green candle holder with greenery

Another collection that we just couldn't pick a favorite scent for, Realm Diffusers bring colorful retro glass to your space while also adding a refreshing essence. 

Featuring scents like Wisteria, Haze, Golden, Dusk, and Bamboo, the Realm Collection makes it easy to pair different colorful candles with its glass diffusers partners. Once the oil is gone, you can use these funky glass vases as home décor and so much more! 

These stylish colors make the Realm Collection a great pick for trendy teens heading off to college. With a new dorm, it's important to make a temporary space still feel like home, so don't forget to bring along a scent that makes you smile!

Petite Reed Diffuser - Flowers

 Flowers Petite Reed Diffuser - white glass diffuser with wooden reeds and pink packaging

Last but certainly not least, we wanted to showcase our Petite Reed Diffusers with our top-selling Flowers Petite Reed Diffuser. This glass oil diffuser is a must-have for summer months or when you need a hint of summer sweetness in the middle of a cold winter. 

This refreshing fragrance brings a hint of sweetness into your space with top notes of citrus zest, sparkling aldehydes, and coconut water; middles notes of white gardenia, jasmine petals, and pink peony; and finished off with base notes of lily of the valley, rosewood, sheer spices, and leafy greens.

Packaged in a colorful tube, this glass diffuser is already wrapped up and ready to be gifted. Give the gift of a signature scent for a house warming present or dinner party with our Petite Reed scented oil diffusers. 

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