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How to: Repurpose your candle vessel

How to: Repurpose your candle vessel

One of life’s biggest let downs is that a candle has to come to an end. No matter how big it is, no matter how quickly or slowly you go through it, it just can’t last forever. 

Don’t worry, we are working on solving this problem and creating the world’s first never ending candle, but until we accomplish this, we’ve at least designed our candles with a second life in mind. 

That’s right, when the wax runs out, the container can live on! And here’s how to prepare your container to reuse:

1. First, place the used candle in the freezer overnight.

2. Once frozen, lightly tap the vessel on a soft surface until the wax pops out. It's sometimes helpful to use a utensil to crack the wax and help it pop out in pieces.

3. Using a utensil and a soft cloth, remove any remaining wax, wick, or glue dot. Then, give it a good wash!

4. Let the candle live on by using the now empty vessel for another purpose!

Need some ideas on how to repurpose? We got you. 

1. Use it as a planter for herbs, succulents, or anything else! Our urban, parks, hygge and sonora collections are especially good for this!


2. Use it as a vase for a beautiful bouquet. Glow, Relish, Lolli and Urban vessels look great repurposed in this way!


3. For our food-safe containers, use them for mixing or serving in the kitchen! Our Boheme, Wabi Sabi, Alpine, and La Playa collections would love to live on for this purpose.


4. For the ultimate cocktail set-up, our La Playa collection is the one for you!

5. So many candles are great repurposed as utensil holders, whether that’s in the kitchen, the bathroom, or at work!


If you don’t feel inspired yet, maybe our never ending candle will do the trick once we’ve successfully invented it. But if you are inspired or have already had success with reusing a candle vessel, send us a picture or share with us on social media! We’d love to see!

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