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Cactus Flower collection of candles on a wooden shelf with books and plants

February Scent of the Month: Cactus Flower

As winter stretches into yet another month and the cold sits right outside your door, usher in an early spring with Paddywax's February Scent of the Month: Cactus Flower. Crafted to strike that perfect balance between fresh and cozy, our Cactus Flower candles are the perfect antidote to those mid-winter blues. Notes of apple blossoms and dewy pear evoke fresh beginnings on the horizon, while the undertones of bergamot and vanilla will ensure your spaces feel warm and serene within minutes of lighting it.

Explore some our different vessels for Cactus Flower below:

Checkmate: Cactus Flower 

Cactus Flower Checkmate candle next to a book and two plants

Featuring hand-painted jars in a lively green, our Checkmate collection is the perfect way to liven up your space! After you've savored every last bit of our Cactus Flower scent, these vessels can be reimagined as a coffee mug, a vase, or a funky statement piece!  


Lustre: Cactus Flower

 Cactus Flower Lustre Candle with two plants on a shelf

With Valentines Day only a few weeks away, bring the festivities into your space with our Lustre candle. It's two-toned pinks and shimmery finish make it perfect for the holiday of love, while the floral notes compose their own Valentine's bouquet. Perfect to celebrate someone you love or yourself! 

La Playa: Cactus Flower + Bamboo: 

La Playa cactus flower candle next to a stack of books with a plant

Our most popular Cactus Flower option, the La Playa collection vessel. Each vessel is made from recycled glass that is then melted down and hand-blown into bubble glass by artisans in Mexico. Vessels will vary in size, shape, and the amount of bubbles - making each glass uniquely yours!  These vessels are food-safe to use once the candle has finished burning and even feature our favorite margarita recipe on the back of the dust cover or right here in our La Playa Recipe Blog


 Vista: Cactus Flower + Aloe

Vista Cactus Flower and Aloe candle in front of books on a table

One of our tried and true collection vessels: Vista!  It's alluring glow through the deep green tonal glass inspires vintage vibes throughout your home! We've even heard it inspires Western vibes!

Why We Love Cactus Flower

Cactus flower is a bright, bold, and lively center piece not only on a cactus but also in your home. Filling the space with bergamot, dewy pear, apple blossom, and coconut water aromas, it's sure to have your house feeling warm and refreshing.

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