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Making Paddywax Personal: How to Choose Your Perfect Vessel

You’ve probably heard of a signature scent, and if you’re reading this blog, we bet you already have one of your own! Woodsy, spicy, sweet, or fresh, a favorite fragrance can add an extra touch of personality to any outfit or occasion. At Paddywax, we love crafting candles that bring that feeling into your home. But scent is only half of how we can liven up any space with your personality…

Our vessels are an integral part of making our designs your decor. We intentionally create collections of vessels in various forms and finishes to resonate with your own unique style. Whether you’re a fan of the raw and eclectic or the classic and clean, we’ve got just about every vessel to suit every sensibility. Read on for our curated collections and shop to find your perfect vessel!


Bohemian Eclecticism

Funky, fun, and free-spirited, these boho eclectic vessels speak for themselves. With vibrant colors and intricate designs, each one is made to compliment colorful personalities and celebrate your inner whimsy. Shop styles such as playful Wabi Sabi, dreamy Whirl, and more! 

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Minimalist Glamour

Sleek and simplistic, these minimalist vessels bring focus and sophistication to your spaces, designed to resonate with those who appreciate classic shapes and clean lines. Shop styles such as sculpted Parks, glossy La Playa, and more!

Shop the Modern Minimalist Collection

Rustic Charm

Natural and earthy, these rustic vessels offer a sense of warmth and coziness with textured finishes and warm tones, an ideal vibe for sunset chasers and outdoor enthusiasts. Shop styles such as midcentury modern Form, green-tinted Eco, and more!

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Vintage Delight

Antique-inspired with a touch of timeless, these vintage vessels are most at home amongst charming decor, perfect for those thrift shop treasure hunters and fans of nostalgia. Shop styles such as old-world Apothecary, classic Library, and more!

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We design our products with a second life in mind. We've also partnered with some great organizations to help give back.