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Whirl candle collection - colorful glass candles with white soy wax and colorful quality boxes in the background for gifting

Whirl Collection Highlights

Get lost in the beauty and aromatic essence of the Whirl Collection. These limited-edition candles feature hand-blow glass vessels with marbled patterns making each one a unique piece! Packaged in a stylish rigid box, this candle is the perfect one-of-a-kind gift for the creative in your life.

Explore more details about each of these collection features below!

Limited Edition

Unique Glass Candle Vessel on top of coordinating packaging

The Paddywax Whirl Collection is an exclusive, limited-edition candle. We wanted to try something new for this Fall/Winter '22 season and what better way than to make a collectible and completely unique luxury candle for you and the friends and family on your gift list. 

This collection is single-release, so once it's gone - we're not bringing it back. Begin collecting your unique set of Paddywax Whirl Candles today!

One-of-a-Kind Hand-Blown Glass

Whirl Candle Vessels with Packaging in the Background
Hand-blown by artisan glassblowers, these candle vessels are one-of-a-kind with their melded swirl patterns. Each glass candle will feature a color family but all color hues and patterns will be unique - this is due to the unique creation methods and melting of the colored glass. The molten glass is transformed from a melting point of 2400 F to a solid structure which will then hold your candle wax and can be reused again and again after the wax runs out. 

Each candle is special with its unique swirl pattern. These glass candles catch the light and are the perfect addition to your window sill, bookshelf, desk, or bed-side table for a high-end aesthetic addition to your home.

Giftable Packaging

Glass Whirl Candles in Rigid Box Packaging
If you're looking for a high-quality gift that is ready and wrapped up, look no further than the Whirl Collection. These scented candles are packaging in a stylish rigid box that coordinates with the candles color so all you have to do is add a card. Colorful and full of unique qualities, these candles are the perfect one-of-a-kind gift for the creative in your life.

Coordinating Scent with Colorful Glass Vessel

Whirl Collection Shots with Coordinating Colorful Boxes

It's easy to get lost in the beauty of these unique glass candles, but they also offer the signature Paddywax fragrances that you know and love. Our Whirl candles feature fragrant scents that coincide with their colorful marble patterns. 

Salted Grapefruit | Red, Pink, and Orange | Inspired by seasonal citrus with notes of lemon, grapefruit, red berry, and orange. 

Golden Coast | Yellow, White, and Cream | Inspired by the coastal shores of California with notes of lemon, golden whiskey, and cedarwood

Blue Sage and Lavender | Blue, Grey, and White | Inspired by botanical origins and wafting smoke with notes of blue sage, lavender, and blue spruce

Coconut and Rose | White, Cream, and Beige | Inspired by tropical fruits and florals with notes of black coconut, velvet white petals, and sandalwood

Violet Vanilla | Purple, Pink, and White | Inspired by spring blossoms with notes of coconut milk, Parma violet, and French vanilla

Three Wicks for an Even Burn

Three Wick Candles in Hand Blown Glass Vessels sitting on packaging

With a large candle, it's beneficial to include multiple wicks to ensure an even burn and a better throw for the scent. Our Whirl Collection features 3 wick candles in 5 unique scents to bring you your favorite fragrances with a sophisticated pop of color.

Whirl Collection shot - 5 colorful glass candles with packaging in the background

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