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Staff Favorites: fragrances + collections!

We've got a lot of candles, a lot of fragrances, and a lot of design styles to sort through. We understand if it can be overwhelming, or if you just find it easier to stick to what you know. However, at our office in Nashville, TN, we have the opportunity to smell test all of the candles, pick and choose our favorites, reuse them in loads of different ways, and report back to you. Consider this blog post our official report. 

While we are proud of every candle collection and fragrance we make, here are just a few of our staff favorites and why we think they’re so great!

M I C K E N Z I E | graphic designer 

Shop PARKS Collection

S U L L Y | intern

Shop STATEMENT Collection

M O L L Y | Paddywax Candle Bar  +  A N D R E W | sales

Shop IMPRESSIONS Collection

C A R T T E R | creative manager

Shop MESA Collection

L I N D S E Y | graphic designer  +  SAMMY | customer service

Shop URBAN Collection

E M I L Y + B E T H A N Y | product managers

Shop GLOW Collection

Have questions or want a personalized fragrance recommendation? Feel free to shoot us a DM at @paddywaxcandles! We love helping you fall in love with your new favorite Paddywax Candle!

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