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It's Official: Firefly by Paddywax!

It’s official: Firefly by Paddywax!

Firefly Candle Co. originally joined the Paddywax family in 2019, and we are thrilled to finally have them on! We are excited to expand our offering with their fantastic hand-poured candles and continue their commitment to eco-conscious products. Their dedication to crafting top-quality products in our shared hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, is just another reason we are excited to have our products side by side.

We are thrilled to bring Firefly's same great designs that they have lovingly crafted into our line, and offer a new collection of exceptional candles to our customers! We're committed to maintaining the high standards of quality and commitment to sustainability that both Paddywax and Firefly Candles are known for, and we believe this combination of products will only help us improve and grow to meet our customer's needs.

As part of this change, we’d love to introduce you to some of Firefly Candle Co.’s most popular collections available now! Discover your new collection below:

En Plein Air:

One of our new favorites is the En Plein Air collection. Named after the iconic French movement and literally translating to "out of doors", these nature-inspired candles capture the essence of familiar environments. The En Plein Air collection includes scents like Forest, which features notes of pine, cedar, and sandalwood and Meadow, which features a fresh, floral scent with strong notes of lavender and bergamot. Each candle in our En Plein Air collection is crafted in beautiful glass jars which can be reused once you have enjoyed your candle down to the wick, just like your favorite Paddywax candles! 

En Plein Air Candles on table with paint brushes and a flower vase


Drawing inspiration from the warmth of sunshine and the way it can soothe our so(u)ls, the Firefly Sol collection is sure to brighten up your home. Each scent in this collection captures a different aspect of that radiance!  Our Bergamot & Mahogany scent combines the bright and zesty aroma of bergamot with the warm and rich notes of mahogany for a sophisticated and inviting fragrance. For a refreshing, summery fragrance, reach for our Citrus & Olive candle. This bright blend of citrus and olive evokes a Mediterranean summer that's perfect for freshening up any room in your home.

Sol Candles on counter top with with knife blog and various kitchen items


Cirque demonstrates the playfulness of design and name. The concrete vessel encircles the scented soy wax candle, providing a modern and uniquely elevated aesthetic in both form and color. With scents like the fresh Green Bamboo with hints of lemon and Jasmine to the woody opulence of Yuzu Woods, Cirque is crafted to update and enliven your living space. 

Cirque Candle collection on concrete

Firefly's commitment to quality and innovation has been an inspiration to us and to other businesses in the industry. We have always admired their work and we're proud to now officially welcome them as part of the Paddywax family. Be sure to explore the rest of the collections and stay tuned for more updates from your favorite candle company!

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