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Noel 5.5 oz. Candle - Persimmon Chestnut

Noel 5.5 oz. Candle - Persimmon Chestnut

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Inspired by holiday parties, sparkling cocktails, and vintage glassware, Noel 5.5 oz. Candle - Persimmon Chestnut brings a twinkling light to your holiday table scape while burning and serves as toast-worthy drink-ware after repurposing. Each 5.5 oz candle features a holiday cocktail recipe that coordinates with our best-selling holiday fragrances.

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Top Notes: Orange, Pear, Apple
Middle Notes: Cinnamon Bark, Clove, Nutmeg
Base Notes: Maltol, Vanilla

Size: 5.5 oz.
Vessel: Glass
Dimensions: 2.67” L x 2.67” W x 3.74” H

These drink-safe glassware candle vessels are the perfect stackable set for entertaining all year long!

Visit the Noel page to view all the recipes. 

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