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Pura Palo Santo + Sage Refill (2-pack)

Pura Palo Santo + Sage Refill (2-pack)

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Paddywax has partnered with Pura to create a new way to experience your favorite fragrances! From controlling the intensity of the scent in the room to when it is released, the Pura App allows you to completely customize the fragrance routine in your space while you’re at home or away.

Top Notes: Pink peppercorn, bergamot, clove bud, saffron
Middle Notes: Leather, gingerlily, cedar leaf, elemi resin
Base Notes: Dark oak, agarwood, guaiac, burlwood, cade

Refill Pod Pack includes (2) 10ml/.33oz fragrance packets. Check out our other scents with Pura to utilize Pura Diffusers' ability to diffuse different scents at the touch of a button! 

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